5 Lifestyle Changes that You Can Make to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that erectile dysfunction is so common that it can affect 1 in 10 men
worldwide? Now, this is not to cause panic but this is something to ponder.

What is erectile dysfunction? Well, this is a health condition that is characterized by a
man’s penis that is unable to maintain an erection for a considerable amount of time.

It can be caused by a number of different factors, including poor blood flow to the penis,
problems with nerve function, hormone imbalances, diabetes, obesity, and so much more.

The good thing is that treating erectile dysfunction can be easy depending on the
severity of the condition. If you are only suffering from mild ED, you can make certain
lifestyle changes to fix the problem.

For more severe cases, the use of male enhancement pills, as well as taking some
medications prescribed by your doctor can help.

In this article, I will go over some lifestyle choices that you can make to treat erectile

Lose Weight

This is arguably the best advice for men who are afraid of the notion of having erectile
dysfunction. A bulging belly is actually a sign that your body’s metabolism is not in its
best form and it is also a telltale sign that you are not eating the right foods (and in the
right quantities).

The best thing that you can do is to increase your physical activity. This means that you
incorporate both strength training and aerobic exercises to your weekly routine so that
your heart will be in its tip-top shape.

Aside from that, you also want to make sure that you are eating the right foods. Ditch
processed foods and refined carbs and opt for whole foods like vegetables, fruits,
salmon, tuna, lean meats, and other organic products.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

I know that it is ingrained in men to drink alcohol and there is really nothing wrong with
that except if you are drinking way too much.

Not only does excessive alcohol consumption lead to poor sexual performance (since
alcohol is a relaxant that may dampen your sexual prowess) but too much alcohol can
also lead to liver problems and other health conditions.

Restricting alcohol intake (should you even drink) to 1-2 glasses per day is okay.

Reduce Stress

Stress is pretty much always going to be a part of our lives. Stress is needed by our
bodies in limited quantities but life isn’t perfect, right?

If you are stressed out, you must do things that will initiate the release of endorphins
which can help reduce stress, as well as make you feel good.

Some things that you can do would be to do some yoga, exercise, or do some of your
hobbies or things that you like.

Seek Counseling

Erectile dysfunction can actually also be caused by psychological factors such as stress
and anxiety, among others.
If these are the reasons why you think your penis isn’t lasting longer as it should,
consider visiting a therapist to help you.

Get Enough Rest

We live much busier lives now more than ever before and because of this, our bodies
do not get enough rest. Sleeping only 5-6 hours a day will not bode well for your sexual
It is imperative that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night but also take into
consideration the quality of your sleep as well.