Benefits of Building Mobile Apps for e-Commerce Businesses


Each ecommerce business should have a visually appealing, meticulously optimized online shop. Many businesses would settle for a beautifully app designers, and they doubt the importance of mobile apps.These statistics emphasize the need for a change in perspective.

According to Google’s 2016 research, 58 percent of mobile users utilize their devices to track offers, discounts and prices. They compared products, and checked reviews before finalizing the purchase.

Also, as per Statista’s study, the amount of smartphone users all over the world would reach 2.8 billion by the year 2020.

These researches emphasize the importance of mobile phones for every average user. For ecommerce businesses, this provides a brilliant insight that potential clients are likely to browse the internet through their mobile phones.

Responsive Website vs Mobile Apps

This depends heavily on the type of business. However, mobile applications are obviously more accessible than websites. Apps also provide a specific platform for every business to relay updates to users straightaway.

Loyalty Building and Retention

This is one of the greatest advantages of mobile applications. Mobile apps can facilitate connections between customers and online stores. Smart companies utilize this connection to retain and build loyalty among their clients by providing special discounts and exclusive proposals.

Mobile applications load much faster, compared to websites. Thus, they have a big advantage. It is also possible to personalize all the information, so customers can have a better browsing experience.

Improved Conversion Rates

A combination of intuitive navigation, great usability and impressive UX can lead to greater conversion rates.

User engagement with Built-In Device Features

A mobile application allows businesses to take advantage of a smartphone’s features to improve user engagement. If efficiently designed, mobile phone features can incorporate good app features to increase customer engagement, and simplify navigation.

Simplified Checkout Process

Mobile applications can provide customers with a simplified checkout process. This can equate to lower cart abandonment ratings.

Mobile apps deliver a vast plethora of benefits to businesses, from customer retention and acquisition to marketing and conversions. Are you ready to develop a new mobile app for your brand?