Nowadays we also see betting games moving towards digital, hence digital version of casino games such rollex casino, live22, tbsbet and many more on the rise, especially within Asean betting games scene. But of course, the good old, traditional betting games are still well and thriving–the digital version of it boasts betting games even more instead of killing it.

Gambling is a social activity that involves a certain amount of money or something valuable where the winner earns money and other rewards that are considered valuable. The risk taken depends on future events, with unknown results, and is largely determined by chance or luck. Of course like everything else there are risks to this; defeat or loss can be avoided by taking precautions and learning tricks, and trades of every game you’ll be playing in the casino. From the above definition, it can be concluded that gambling is a behaviour that involves the risk of losing yet rewarding at the same time, you might won something valuable if you’re good enough which involves learning the right technique and the freedom to choose whether or not to risk losing it.

There a few types of gambling, the first example of gambling is casino gambling which consists of Roulette, Blackjack, Slot Machine (Jackpot) and Poker. Secondly, gambling in a crowded place that consists of throwing chicken feather on a target or a rotating board, throwing money (coin), fighting cock, fighting cows and horse racing. Thirdly, gambling is associated with habits consisting of cockfighting, cow fighting, buffalo fighting, horse racing, cow races, sheep and goat fighting.