Top 6 Foods for Sexual Stamina that Help You Last Longer

What is sexual stamina? Well, sexual stamina (or endurance) is a gauge of how long you can last under the sheets. Most women do not have problems with this, but men definitely do.

According to one study, the average time a man can last in bed is anywhere between 3-7 minutes. Although the length of the sex is deemed mostly unimportant (based on the same study), there are some men (and women) that would still prefer it to last longer than it should.

While male enhancement pills are known to work, giving some time for men to last a bit longer, there are some foods that can actually do the same thing.

If you want to know what they are, do read the entirety of this article to find out the foods that can help improve your sexual endurance.


Eggs are inexpensive proteins that contain a lot of amino acids and B-Vitamins. It is rich in both Vitamin B5 and B6 which are known to help balance hormone levels in the body, as well as helping you relax by alleviating stress- two things that are important for a healthy libido.

Dark Chocolate

According to medical studies, dark chocolate, or more specifically, the cacao that is present in dark chocolate contains sex endurance boosters known as alkaloids and phenethylamine.

Alkaloids should provide men with increased energy (and therefore, improved sexual stamina), while phenethylamine promotes better mood for sex by ramping up sex hormone production.


Men who suffer from premature ejaculation should increase their intake of foods that help promote good overall blood circulation.
Blueberries are delicious and are rich in antioxidants and that is precisely why you’d want to eat a lot of them.

Countless studies have shown that blueberries have an amazing ability to keep erectile dysfunction at bay. Not to mention that its rich antioxidant profile prevents damage coming from free radicals as well.


Figs may not be in your diet plan, but it definitely should be. Eating raw figs promote sexual health due to its high amino acid content.

You see, if you are deficient in some amino acids (like Arginine or Citrulline, for example), you are running the risk of contracting erectile dysfunction.

And, did you know that eating raw figs can actually increase the libido of both men and women?


If you are snacky and you eat nuts during the afternoon, then you are already doing the right thing. The reason why you should be eating nuts is that they contain huge amounts of L-arginine, which I’ve just mentioned, has the ability to increase libido.

In addition to that, arginine can also help open your blood vessels for improved blood flow. The reason why it can do this is the fact that it can help provide nitric oxide to the body and is one of the major factors for men’s sexual performance.
Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or not, still include different kinds of nuts in your diet.