Useless Baby Products: 7 Items You Just Don’t Need

Infant Shoes

Do you love buying baby shoes in Malaysia? Maybe you need to wait before your little one grows up a bit. This is an extra expense because clearly, non-walkers don’t need to use shoes. They can’t really go anywhere. What they need are milk bottles and simple clothes. 

Shopping-Cart Cover

A shopping cart cover is simply a poncho that protects your child from dangerous germs. A reliable anti-bacterial baby wipe can do the job. Just wipe it over at the handlebar.

Baby Bum Perfume

This is not really necessary, since baby wipes can simply do the trick. Just pick a decent baby wipe brand with a sweet scent.

Bottle Warmer

Many moms use this once their babies start to transition to cups. If you have extra cash, feel free to buy bottle warmers. This can useless in the long run, though. 

Wearable Monitoring

Why do you need to hang out with your child when your smartphone and this Big Brother onesie can easily tell you how he is doing?

Bathtub Thermometer 

You can easily use your hand, wrist or head when testing the water. No need to buy a bathtub thermometer

Bottle Scrunchie 

Yes, it can catch the dribbles off a milk bottle, but it still looks ridiculous.