What Are the Things that You Can Do to Prolong Sex?

How long can a man last in bed is something that is always an important topic to discuss, especially if you’re the type of man who is not able to prolong the sexual intercourse.

According to statistics, a man lasts up to 6 minutes, on average, during sexual intercourse before they reach climax. Unfortunately, there are some of our brothers that cannot even last for more than two minutes.

Here are some interesting facts about how long a man can last in bed:

  • In a study that was done on 500 couples, the average amount of time that is needed before men will ejaculate is 5.6 minutes (which can be rounded off to 6). However, it is important to note that even that timeframe is okay for most couples because that time did not take into account foreplay
  • The term ‘premature ejaculation’ is relative. Although some sex experts deem the condition to be where a man finishes off in under two minutes, if your partner is okay with it, then that shouldn’t be too much of a concern
  • Men who have watched a lot of porn in their heyday believes that they should also be able to last for more than 30 minutes. First of all, the males that you see in porn are professionals. Second, 30 minutes of sexual intercourse is nearly impossible to do for the ordinary person. That means that you have to rethink the term “lasting long in bed” so that you will not feel any distress or anxiety if you are not able to last long enough to make your partner orgasm.

Is Premature Ejaculation Treatable?

The short answer is yes, but the treatment options are varied and what works for others might not work for you. So, if you are suffering from the condition, then try everything out so that you will know what works best.

1. Try Some Self-Help

Before seeking professional advice, there are things that you can do on your own that will probably help with your condition.

I suggest that you practice mindfulness and deep breathing exercises as both of these can help you calm your mind down.

Also, masturbating just two hours prior to sex can also help. That is because you can take advantage of the refractory period, which is a slim timeframe that helps decrease the sensation that you feel on your penis.

2. Couples Therapy

Going to a couples’ therapist will allow you to know the sentiments of your partner and you are also going to be given some advice on how you can handle the situation.
The therapist is also knowledgeable enough to help give you advice on how you can delay your ejaculation.

For instance, they might advise you to try out the stop-and-go technique where you penetrate the vagina for some time and whenever you feel that it is about to blow, you stop what you’re doing for 30 seconds or so until you can recuperate and then proceed with the penetration again. Do this a couple of times until you get the idea.